April 5, 2016

self pedi

I’ve been all about self care for the past week. In the past year, or so, I have lost sight of some things I love about myself.

It’s been a long time since I made sure I do the things that make me feel sexy. So? Not for anyone else but me, today I gave myself a self-‘pedi’care. (my new word for painting your toes at home because you love yourself and can’t afford a salon).

Other things I did today or I am thinking about?

  1. Woke up way too early for my own good. 3am. That usually means day drinking for me. Just being honest, it’s my diary. And then random naps.
  2. I started a blog. Yep! Been meaning to do that for a while so that’s cool.
  3. I had really productive conversations with my ex. Via email, of course. And when I was tired or not feeling like I could be kind I ended the conversation. Still not seeing him but we both need to say some stuff and today that was productive. Today.
  4. Checked the garden. It’s still growing but I may need to re-seed some things due to finding the gate left open today. Which is fine. It’s only April.
  5. My parents are coming to visit me in the next four weeks. I am having panic about it. Ha ha, better yet I am getting a pre-emptive visit from the wife of the pastor of the church I grew up in. So while I am going through a break up? I’m being spiritually invaded.
  6. New moon is coming and I want to do a healing ceremony for the first time. I have what I need and so much spiritual support so I feel like two days from now will be a New Moon break through for me.

Lots to think about today. Gonna go eat, think, nap and then have dinner with a friend.


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