Trust Issues


I want to tell you how sorry I am for not talking about these things earlier. I should’ve trusted you more. I kept my thoughts and feelings from you. And I regret that. You ARE my best friend. You are the only one I trust with most of me. I don’t why I didn’t trust you with all of me. And my lack of trust prevented us from really communicating. It added to this problem as much as every other problem did. I’m sorry. Please forgive me.

I’ve come to understand that breaking trust in a  relationship isn’t always about being unfaithful. Aside from hiding bad habits I realize now I was keeping my truest version of myself from my partner. Why?

I’m seeing that part of it is fear of being attacked for my feelings or if the truth makes someone uncomfortable. That translates into every area of my life and is something I need to work on.

But we both see it our own contribution to the issue. I am working on this. He has told me he is working this.

I need to choose my words more carefully. I need to be more honest with my real feelings. I want to be able to tell you my feelings and hear yours without taking offense about them. I apologize for jumping on you for any truth you offered today. I was doing exactly what I’m complaining about.

Seeing the problem is NOT half the battle. Knowing is a glimpse of battles to come. It’s finally understanding there are battles. Not between us but each of us within ourselves.  A lot of that has to do with trust.



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