No Blame

I have admitted a lot in the past few weeks. I am definitely growing. Part of that growth is no longer accepting blame for things that weren’t my fault but I was being blamed for!

Yep, I have been drinking to excess! But that is NOT the cause of  financial issues in my relationship! If I am one person living on my income it is still cheque to cheque, because it’s a disability income, but I can afford to live. I can afford rent, food, bills, wine and still fix up my living space and do a few things I wasn’t able to before. My financial issue came from supporting someone who only worked when forced and complained about it constantly when he had to!

Yep, I have the crazy in me! I’m female and have other health issues that affect it. But I have always been very open about my health issues, my triggers and what it takes to help me when I am breaking down. When someone takes that information and uses it to push my buttons instead of help me through a moment of panic? I won’t take the blame for that anymore. I admit it is my issue and will work on better coping skills. One of those skills is stay away from the one who is doing it to you!

Those are two very big things I learned I will no longer accept blame for. Accepting blame for things that are not your fault will never lead to healing!


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