A Pagan’s Prayer

the fire

I was raised in a very religious Baptist Christian home. I thought I had turned my back on my faith long ago. I studied a lot of other world religions and even took up practice of some. Without conversion, I was exploring. For a time I walked away from any kind of spirituality to escape religiosity.

But something in my soul is drawn to the universe. The earth. It’s a deep connection. I’m driven to understand it.

As a young girl in our church it became somewhat known that God answered my prayers. I have two stories that could instill faith in most non-believers. I knew from a child I could send out my energy and make things happen. How I was raised taught me those were ‘answers to prayer’ but that never quite sat right with me. It’s had me wrapped in confusion for a long time.

The other night, when I sent out all my negative energy to the universe by burning it in a fire and intentionally washed in the ocean, I embraced honesty, time to grow and ability to change. I had no idea what I was in for.

I’m understanding it is me. For the first time I feel real honesty flowing from me. Circumstance has given the time to grow. And the change is happening so quickly I can barely handle it. I asked for this and I’ve been given it like a gift from myself to myself.

Feeling the power of Eir and Saga.


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