In Sickness And In Health

There are a lot of vows made in marriage. I’ve been accused of breaking promises, hiding things. And I’ve accused my husband of violating this one. In sickness or health.

He knows my anxiety and pushed my buttons. Accused me of being ‘bat shit crazy’ but, along with my own influences, drove me to crazy. We’re both slowly coming to terms with our contributions to it. But I used this to say he is not honouring his vow.

Today? I am beginning to understand that he has been with me through more sickness than anything.

He brought me with him with he left our hometown, before we were a couple, knowing it was because I needed to get away from a lifestyle of damage and drugs. He knows about all my connected issues from mental health to surgical complications for life to alcoholism. And he has made so many efforts to understand.

More than one time he was there when I had health complications. In moments when I could have died he was there to care, determine if we needed 911 and all without a thought for anything but me and my health.

Honesty. He has more than stood by the ‘in sickness’ vow. I, on the other hand, have pushed myself to the limits of my health. I’ve broken this vow by not taking care of myself. There is a part that says ‘in health’ and I should be trying to be healthy.



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