MY Space


I live in a park. People live here year round in trailers or RVs. Sounds kind of ghetto but it really is beautiful. I live in the back of the park so I am on the edge of the forest. But the park entrance is across the highway from the ocean. I have the best of every part of the earth.

When I arrived it was on foot. My husband and I had sold everything we owned, bought the best hiking and back country gear, and walked away from one province to another. We did it for my health and to find a  fresh start from some pain we encountered there.

It took several months. When we arrived here we were hurting physically and needed a place to recover for at least a few weeks while we decided where to go from here.

The park owner told us we could camp long term. Then two days later he brought in a small motor home. He said it would  be easier than a tent and we could stay for the same price as camping. Then he upgraded us. And then moved us to a better spot. And then built me fenced in raised garden beds.

I love where I live. The people around me are a great combination of quirky and troubled as I am. Most of them very caring. I’ve made friends and also lost some respect from some people because of my current situation and reaction to it. I’m working on rebuilding my reputation.

And now? When I needed a sense of stability the most? He agreed to sell me the trailer I live in. And for a bargain. I have a space. One all my own where I can heal, grow, learn and  live around people who understand me and care about me!



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