The Many Faces Of Me

I like pictures! What I find most interesting is the pictures I love the most are the ones that, in real life, I look nothing like them. Everything I like about me is fake.

red corset

All that hair? Wig! Corset holding in all kinds of stuff and very padded push up bra. I look nothing like this but I love that for a split second a camera thought I did!


Also not really what I look like. This was when I lived in the forest clearing bush trails by hand. It was the most FIT I have ever been but that has fallen to the side. I still love this picture though. For a brief time I felt like I had some core strength!

fat shaunda

Would you believe? I have not looked like this for 12 years but this is one of my faces. One thing I overcame like a champion!


This is the most recent picture I have. It looks most like me. It’ the woman I am growing to accept.


4 thoughts on “The Many Faces Of Me

  1. I like the last one best. Congratulations on loosing all that weight. Proves that you can do anything you set your mind to.


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