Staying Positive


Being in the throws of growth can bring a lot of pain with it. Especially when it stems from a painful break-up. And pain can bring things like depression and anxiety for someone who already has mental health issues. Especially someone whose mental health is compounded by other health issues and alcohol.

I go back and forth right now between intense bouts of sadness and inflated moments of elation. Neither of those is healthy so I have been trying to find a balance to that by remaining positive while still embracing the pain that comes with the growth.

How do I remain positive? It’s a struggle. I still spend a lot of time crying.

Acceptance. Being open about my problems and pain has allowed other people to reach out to me. I have two friendships suffering because of my honesty and that hurts. But I also have strangers and various other online friends who have shown me a lot of support. Open acceptance of caring is just as important as open sharing.

Kindness. People around me have been very kind to me and I have been trying to return it with kindness as well. By taking time each day to show some kindness I give myself a reason to be proud that isn’t connected to my pain. Or my battles.

Laughter. I love to laugh and there are certain things that will make me laugh even if I am crying. Youtube videos of baby goats. Will Ferrell movies. Super offensive Facebook memes. When I’m down I have been forcing myself to do these things and laugh out loud.

Spirituality. When I did my new moon healing ritual I accepted three things into myself that I have never taken in before. Honesty. Time to grow. The ability to change. And in the time that has followed since I have experienced all three in leaps and bounds. Feeling a sense of spirituality completely disconnected from my past, embracing it and seeing how it is helping my journey helps keep me moving forward.

Each day is it’s own struggle but staying positive makes each struggle surmountable!


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