Avoiding Avoidance

Some days I really just feel like I can’t face anything. Today I am feeling worn out. All the self discovery, coupled with outside stress, and I am beat. I’ve already avoided usual things I do. I haven’t eaten or even made coffee. I just want to crawl back into bed and avoid the world today.

That behaviour is a slippery slope for me. I often drink by myself on those days. Even when my husband was here I had this habit. Now that I am alone it’s even easier to hole up and avoid things.

So today I am making a choice not to avoid things. Even if it as simple as self care! The sun is shining so I will go for a walk. Friends of my parents happen to be in my area from across the country and they would like to see me. And I’m going to start it all with a nice healthy breakfast.

I’m finding it challenging to get it started. I actually have no motivation to do any of those things but I don’t want to sit here wallowing in my worn out feelings and wanting to go get a drink.

So how do I get motivated? I’m not sure. I guess that’s the best place to start working on it.


4 thoughts on “Avoiding Avoidance

  1. Wanting to hide out in your bed is a sign of depression. Are you taking meds for that. If not, maybe you should. I hope your day gets better. 🙂

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    1. Thank you for your concern.

      Depression and anxiety are both mental health issues I am affected by. However I also have other health issues that mean I can’t take most big pharma medications. I have tried many variations of prescription drugs for depression over the years however my last doctor and other medical professionals all agree I cannot take them.


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