Ecouragement Despite Fear

While I continue to face my problems and admit my role in the break down of my marriage I have been sharing a lot of what I am learning with my husband in emails. It’s part of asking for forgiveness so we can both grow.

I was really scared about that, at first, but every time I am open I feel better for being honest. I’m learning that only in that honesty do I really give someone the opportunity to love me. No wonder I was feeling unloved in my marriage. I wasn’t allowing love because I was hiding so much of my life and feelings.

A lot of what I am telling him is painful. I say difficult things about both myself and him. I’ve been brutally honest about how he made me feel. Facing the fear of being honest has been very rewarding though.

His response?

Your Honesty is encouragement.
Your honesty is love.
Your honesty is what I’ve craved.
Your honesty makes me love you more and more.
Who you’ve become is who I fell in love with.
I’ve desired this connection with you forever. It is very exciting, the growth we both make. The lessons we are teaching each other.
Without you to tell me I’d never think anything I did was wrong!!
Now I see how I cause much of this.
Such words of encouragement help diminish the fear and really give me a sense of hope that I can rise to the challenge of facing my demons and really making changes in my life.

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