Time To Grow


During my healing ceremony I accepted three things from the universe. Honesty. Time to grow. Ability to change.

Honesty is becoming less and less of a challenge every day. I find myself being more open with others as I learn to be honest with myself.

Time to grow? I’ve never been a very patient person. As I realize how much more learning, accepting, forgiving and growth I will need to go through, and the change part of that, I’m feeling a sense of restlessness.

As part of honesty I admit I am struggling with the patience part. As part of the ability to change? I need to practice patience and allow myself the time to grow and change. It’s all so connected. I did some reading and found two things I know I can do, immediately, to try and develop patience.

First is mindfulness. Paying attention to the things that make me impatient, recognizing my reactions and being present of mind to understand why I am being impatient. I think that will work well with regard to patience with other people.

The second is self talk. When I become irritated with myself, I found three phrases I can use to remind myself that I am growing. “Sure, this is understandable, this is what happens to me when I’m worried or sad.”, “It’s true, I don’t like this, this is uncomfortable, but I can tolerate it.” and, “I can be tolerant of my own flaws and inadequacies”.

This is my goal right now. Developing the patience to really take the time to grow without rushing myself to healing.



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