Nothing is better than opening up my mailbox to find a note or letter from my family or friends! I’m an avid letter writer but not everyone is so they don’t get returned as often as I send them out. That’s alright.

When I do get letters, I like to sit and wait until I have the right time and circumstances to focus my attention on reading what the sender has to say. My friends frequently start a letter to me, set it aside, pick it up again in a week and repeat. The result? Pages and pages of epic reading that take me through their lives even when I can’t be close to them.

One thing letter writing has done for me is help me repair relationships with my parents. I was estranged from my biological father for 38 years until a letter arrived in my mailbox. He apologized and asked if we could have some connection. We’ve been writing for three years now. When I was having difficulty finding ways to communicate with my mom and adopted dad? I took to writing with them as well. We’ve made a lot of progress in becoming closer as a result.

In general, letter writing is therapeutic. It makes me happy to know someone will get a surprise note in the mail. It allows me to really think about what I want to tell someone to make them smile.

In these recent weeks I’ve been particularly grateful for people who’ve reached out to show me some love in the mail. People who I don’t normally get letters from have sent me encouragement and strength. I’m really looking forward to sending some back!


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