Yesterday I went up to the pub to get some cash out of the bank machine. Two older gentlemen were at the bar, and it was one of my favorite waitresses, so I sat down for a drink before leaving.

One turned to two turned to more. One of the guys kept talking to other people around us and everything he said was totally hitting me in the spirit spot.We engaged in conversation. I was intoxicated so I’m sure my judgement was impaired.

When he offered to walk me home so we could have some more drinks and conversation? I said sure. Because I wasn’t being sexual with him and we were having spiritual conversation. I told him at the pub that I was celibate. I assumed he would come home and talk.

Bad judgment on my part. I guess. I mean, we had great conversation. When he tried to get further physically I shut it down and he left. He was sorta respectful.

I talked about the situation with two other people who immediately judged me. “I’m out carousing.” “I’m bringing strange men to my home.” “How can you work on reconciliation with other men around?” “I thought you were celibate.”

Since when does my healing, my journey and my free choice of who I invite to my home get to be questioned?

I’ve accepted honesty! I’m learning honesty comes with judgement. So how do you deal with judgement?


4 thoughts on “Judgement

  1. If you made it clear you are celibate, that should have been that. It was good enough to deal with the person who came to your home, and that should have been good enough for friends giving advice too. I don’t know who you talked to that judged you, but if you were honest with them there was no need for judgment. And, although it is hard, there is now no need for any response but to wish those people well (and wish them away from you). You don’t need that negativity!

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  2. OH for heavens sake, I hate double standards. If you had made a new friend at the bar and went back to your place for drinks and conversation and this new friend was female, nothing would have been said. Pay no attention to those judgemental people who have condemned you for something that was harmless. You did nothing wrong.

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