A Goal Met

Tonight I went to the park party! I know from past parties the owner is generous. The booze flows freely and people are encouraged to stay and mingle as long as they would like. Someone with a drinking problem could go overboard.

This was the first time I went with the intention of being temperate. Knowing moderation is not my strong point? I made myself little challenges.

First? Drink one non-alcoholic drink before anything else. Done! Bottled water was available.

Second? Take three bites of food to every drink. Doesn’t sound like much to the average person but I have digestive issues, so, three bites of anything is super. I did okay with this but had to excuse myself about five times to come to my place and regurgitate. Just my life, but doesn’t enhance the party spirit

Third? I wanted to challenge myself meet people. So I challenged myself to talk to two strangers and learn things about them. The two i picked happened to be together and the best possible choice I could make. Without names? A couple from Edmonton. She is studying psychology (women & gender studies) and headed off to Yellowknife for practicum for the summer. He studied computer sciences, his mom lives here and he is here for at least two weeks, maybe longer. He’s done school so where he ends up working is up in the air.

In the end? I left with a glass of wine in my hand. But I accomplished all three things. And I only drank a total of 2 glasses of wine at the party. So i didn’t go overboard.

Maybe self control is an option!


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