I Can Do It

My mom says when I was a child I wanted to help her around the kitchen, etc. I’d take the broom and clumsily try to sweep. She’d try to help and I would fiercely tell her, “I can do it.”

In the past, when I’ve had people teach me, they show me how to do whatever and I make my attempts until I get it right.

I like to be left alone for the ‘attempts’. I’ve had to tell people to leave me alone to try things. I can tell when I am doing it wrong an can modify myself to get it right. I’m smart enough to figure things out once I’ve been shown. Constant correction while I try only makes me more frustrated than getting it wrong a couple times on my own.

Today my “I can do it” attitude is two-fold !

First, I have a personal challenge for myself today. It’s a social situation so I will be anxious. It’s a lot of drinking and the drinks are free so I need to practice temperance. If I drink at all (and who am I kidding? I’ll be having a drink) it needs to be in moderation. But I have a plan and I can do it!

The second situation? I let my ‘maintenance’ skills go. Five years or longer I have had men in my life to take care of household ‘boy’ chores so I just let it happen that I stopped doing them.

Luckily, my estranged husband would show me things of interest as he was looking at them. I paid enough attention that my “I can do it” attitude is helping me with my independence. For example?


He showed me one time how a thermostat works and what needs to connect to make the propane turn on. Cool!

When my furnace wouldn’t fire? I pulled the cover off and figured out the little connector thingy on the right was pulled forward and wasn’t making contact. It wouldn’t stay close enough so I ShooGlued it. It worked for a bit. Then the toggle thingy that goes back and forth wasn’t pulling forward enough to make contact. So I stuck a tiny stick in it to hold it forward.

Yes! I redneck rigged my thermostat until I can install a new one. But hey? My furnace is on!



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