There is no one I trust more with my health than my husband. Not in the way of medical advice, he’s not a doctor, but insomuch as he knows how to care for me in crisis.

He watched me be sick for years as we were friends. When we left ‘home’ I made sure he knew how to deal with my health. And he has done that like a champion for several years now.

He understands when I am vibrating, sweating and saying “cold, cold” because it’s all I can say? It doesn’t mean put a blanket on me. It means please wet a towel with cold water, strip my clothes off and put it on me.Then get me cold water or ice if we have it. And hold my head to help me get it in. And the very second I am cooled off? Get that towel off me and get me dressed because now I am shivering so bad I’m almost hypothermic. He rubbed my back and my feet and every thing that ached on me every day. Without concern for his own pains. He reminded me to eat and would cook for me if I didn’t have the energy. And he held my hair while I puked that food up. He ‘burped’ me like a baby to try and help my food move. He was my caregiver.

Recently, I asked the park owner for permission to have my ex come and help me. There are times I  need physical help that I just don’t trust anyone else with. I have no desire to ‘train’ someone new to be that person in my life.

The owner understood. And the ban is not lifted but, with discretion, my husband can come and help me when I am in physical crisis.

I feel like that is a step forward.


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