Being Unforgiven

Not everyone will forgive you.

Sometimes they say they do and then everything you are trying to leave in the past gets brought up again.  Sometimes, they ignore the apology. Sometimes they outright tell you they can’t forgive.

I was struggling with this until someone in my past, who I think is struggling to forgive me, responded with this:

Still, life goes on. Good luck with the healing process. It is good to apologize to those you’ve hurt. But it’s also important to bear in mind that, far more important than being forgiven by them, you need to forgive yourself and move on. If you apologize to two people you hurt, and one forgives you, but the other hates you forever, those are decisions that ultimately affect them – not you. You get positive karma for apologizing regardless of their response
He’s always been wise. And I took it to heart.
But no where in there does it say he forgives me. I think it’s why he gave the wisdom instead of the forgiveness.
I’m receiving forgiveness all over the place with my apologies. I’m grateful for this wisdom on how to move past the unforgiveness




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