The Christian Prayer

I talked openly with my parents about my spirituality and paganism during their visit.

I respectfully explained my position about their God. I told them about my spiritual practices and the kind of healing it is bringing to my life. The kind of healing people have prayed for for years but I only found in my own spiritual path.

My mom asked me if she could pray for me at one point and I told me no thank you. She accepted that very well and just continued to ask thoughtful questions.

So why did I say no?

I have a tie to the Christian prayer. It’s where I first found my own personal power. I didn’t understand it then because I was taught it was God answering my prayers. I now understand that when I send out my energy the universe responds. Only now I understand it is me? I can finally find healing and peace in it. Instead of condemnation.

I don’t pray to my parents God. I don’t have a problem with waiting for someone to say grace or anything, but having prayer said on my behalf in front of me makes me feel uncomfortable now. So I said no.

However, after some reflection, I feel like I can tell my parents I appreciate their prayers for me, in their own time, with their God. It’s their God. If it comforts them to pray for me then I should be happy that they find peace in that.

I often send out thoughts of healing energy or love for my parents. How is that different than their prayers for me? Their love for me goes into the energy put out. Does it matter who it is too?

It doesn’t. I love that my parents are praying for me. They pray my life will find healing and peace. How cannot I not accept that?


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