The Guilt Lie

There are different kinds of guilt.

Sometimes you are actually guilty of something that you did that is an actual harm (my definition of crime – if you harm the life, liberty or property of another or commit fraud).

But sometimes guilt is a response of responding to your inner “good vs bad” morals. When you are birthed and raised in Christianity? Morals can get confusing. As a result guilt becomes a prominent portion of your life.

I had a wonderful conversation with my very Christian parents while they were visiting. They know me. Their gentle probing brought a giant healing memory to my mind.

When I was pre-school, approximately 3 years old, I pulled a fire alarm at our church. It caused chaos. And after the service? I was made to sit in the church foyer until I would apologize.

I was terrified.I couldn’t even speak for hours. But I had to sit there until I could.

I don’t remember squeaking out a sorry. I only recall sitting in shame for what seemed like a lifetime. But  I got to leave so I must have apologized.

The lie? Even the simplest and most innocent act, if someone else feels it is wrong, you are guilty.

THAT is a lie. A lie that has affected every area of my life for a very long time! I’ve felt guilt for my own existence at times because I felt I was evil.

Letting go of the guilt about my entrenched, but unnecessary, ‘morals’ that have nothing to do with something I should feel guilty for? Guilt is one of the things I let go of May new moon, the day after this revelation, and I already feel release. I am totally going to heal from that!


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