May New Moon

May 6, 2016 fell at the beginning of my parents visit. Still, I took some time in the morning to head to the beach to find some healing and give away some things I needed to give back to the universe.

On the way up the road to the beach I had an upsetting confrontation with a neighbour. I was having difficulty clearing it out of my head as I walked and debated if I would even be able to focus on what I wanted to do.

A beautiful thing happened. As I waited to cross the highway,  the wind picked up just slightly and suddenly I couldn’t hear those angry thoughts anymore. The quiet mind allowed me to temporarily set aside the emotions and focus on myself.


I had gone at low tide. The shoreline was a ways out and I had to set up my small fire pretty far from the water. It turned out to be wonderful. I was able to walk barefoot in the cool wet sand and feel the earth’s energy beneath my feet as the wind kept whispering sweet, peaceful nothing into my ears.

I made my fire circle, sat beside it and meditated for a few moments on the lies I’ve believed that brought shame into my life. I gave them, known and unknown, back to the universe. Along with them I gave back all the guilt  lived from believing them.

When I thought about the third thing I wanted to give back I chose to give back the resentment I had toward people who helped to sow the seeds of shame or guilt into my life. I don’t want letting go of my own guilt to bring bitterness toward those who made me feel guilty. Resentment would not be healthy for me.

I lit the paper on fire and placed it in the rocks to burn them away.


I walked to the ocean, stood with my palms face up, washed my feet and took in three things that I thought would help me in other areas I am struggling with. Mindfulness. Patience. Self control. All three connected and all three very challenging for me. I look forward to making powerful changes in my life by taking in these three qualities.

I sat at my mediation bench afterward for a while reflecting. I am usually focus on the cleansing of the fire and water. This new moon I am reminded that all the energy of the the universe is at my disposal. The whispering wind to calm my thoughts, and the earth on my bare feet, brought all four elements together in a very special way.



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