Welcome Home, Belisama!

How could anyone not love this face?

Belisama was brought home to me today. She is named after the Celtic goddess of lakes, rivers and creativity. I was deciding between Bell or Sami for short. She is not dainty like a Bell. It will be Sami for short.

She has a very spunky, seemingly independent, personality but still wants to be near me at all times. She enjoyed being in my purse today when I went out (don’t wanna leave her alone on her first day with her human). She cuddles and purrs and only cries when I walk away and she can’t see me. Then she tries to find me and lay on my feet.

She is currently cuddled up beside me while type.

I have a little creature. She is mine to love and care for. She needs me and I can tell she already loves me. Kitten therapy πŸ™‚



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