The First love Letter


We left our home April 1, 2013. We were friends, who’d experienced benefits, determined to remain independent despite embarking on this adventure.

On April 23  I wrote him a letter. I knew by then I was mad about him. Going through a book the tonight I found it tucked in.

Kind, caring friend,

I am so sweet on you that sometimes my heart feels like it will burst. It feels like every time I turn around you surprise and delight me.

You told me when I came you would do your best to make me safe and comfortable. I said I would take care of you.

Thank you for keeping your word. But you do so much more.

I love the way you teach me. You make me feel smart and capable. You are patient and you tell me when you see I am doing better at things.

I get tingly inside and out when you tell me you want to ravage me.

I appreciate when you notice I have something on my mind and you ask me to tell you. Not only do you ask but you really listen to my answers, you talk about my anxiety and you quell my fears. You make me feel cared for and protected.

You make me feel respected. You ask for my thoughts and ideas. You take them into consideration and make me feel like my role in your life is vital.

I think you are smart. Hard working. Honest. Ethical. Talented. Giving. Kind. Strong. Sexy. Stubborn. Funny. Interesting. Sensual.

You make me swoon. Weak in the knees, even. I smile when I think of you. I’m happy I came here with you. I promise to be good to you. As long as you want me here I will be. I’ll stay and take care of you. You make me feel so special,unique and wonderful.

You are so deep into my heart,




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