So my day began with a buttload of depression sinking in with a feeling like it was going to stay. Writing about it inspired me. I should try and do one more thing no matter how small.

I decided the best thing for me if I could only do one thing? Tidy!  I vacuumed and swept my floors. It helped!

Now? I’m listening to music and making some dinner. My caregiver is here making sure I eat tonight and that I feel better about my day. I’ve got some awesome new tunes added to my playlist (thanks to Glee!). My kitten is so active and cute today. I have a lot of reasons I am smiling.

Tomorrow? I’m going to town for groceries and hit up the library for a bit. It should be a partly sunny day so I’ll hit the park and chill with  Sami (yes, she is coming because I won’t leave her alone yet). I haven’t been ‘out’ in a while so it will be good to do that. And? I’m looking forward to it.

So at the end of my day? I feel like I did things to make progress. I tidied a bit, have plans for tomorrow and I added new tunes to help me get on my feet and moving. They feel like insignificant steps, or like they will be in the eyes of others. But for me? Those are big things today.

They are hope and I am smiling for hope!



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