Thoughts On Working

I can fully admit that at 42 years old I have not gotten the hang of ‘adulting’.

I had insight when my parents visited recently. They were younger than me and dealing with so much other bullshit than my childhood could see. Different than what I have faced but just as valid.

When I focus my thought energy on them, their age at the time, and what they were after? I see them in an entirely different perspective.

They were mid-aged parents with three children. They were fighting court battles about trying to keep us. Trying, desperately, to make a family. They had no money. Every cent was sunk into making sure if either of them died they would be able to love each other’s children. My dad worked so many jobs just to keep us a FAMILY. To make sure we had an education in the school they felt was right for us. To provide.

And what did I learn from that? Many great things.

Work hard. It doesn’t matter if your boss is an asshole. You work hard because hard work is rewarding in itself. Because work is necessary to make life happen. And the person ‘directing’ the job has nothing to do with your worth if you work hard. If you work hard it will be seen and recognized. Money isn’t always the reward. But a solid reputation in the workplace is golden.

Be flexible. Not every job will provide every need. So go out and get more. Do what is necessary to make sure you can take care of what is important to you! I’ve taken on so many jobs simply because I was flexible enough to see outside of my dreams and into my needs.

Work rewards itself. Not every extra job I took on was a ‘money-maker’ but they each added value. Whether that be experience or business contacts? I gained rewards for stepping outside my dream jobs to take on grunt work. It got me through and gave me valuable life experience.

I miss being in the workforce. It’s one of the biggest losses I’ve suffered since becoming sick. There is a sense of accomplishment I am I missing in my life because I don’t have the satisfaction of a hard days work behind me.

I really miss having a purpose.





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