My Sister

Letter from Jaye

I have quite a few brothers and sisters. Between marriages, divorces and adoptions my family tree is more of a briar patch.

I have one sister that was in my life for the first twelve years. She is older than me and was my best friend. However she hurt our family deeply in the way she left and since then has rejected me entirely because I don’t support her version of her childhood truth.

I have a brother I knew well and he has taken a step back from me because he doesn’t agree with my lifestyle. Another brother I don’t know as well has told me my politics make me a danger to society and he doesn’t want me around his family.

I haven’t had much in the way of sibling relationship that hasn’t gone sour on me so I’ve avoided trying to get in touch with the rest of the sisters or brothers I haven’t met. Over the past two years I have reconnected with my biological father who has daughters I don’t know. He asked if I would write to one in particular.

I agreed and wrote two small letters and sent them off in the past couple months. I thought they were being ignored and was a bit sad but then today?

My Dear Sweet Sister,

The very first thing I want to say is that I am so terribly sorry this response to your kind (and very treasured) letters took so long. I am typing a real letter for you. I have scrapped several drafts, and it’s a shame, but my hectic life is in such a state that I only manage to type a bit at a time.

Your letters mean so much to me. I desperately want to know you more and I think it’s great you want to know me, too. I have loved, missed, longed for and prayed for you my whole life. I can tell from the way dad is getting to know you again that you are a wonderful woman and the kind of sister I have always wanted ❤

I promise to send more pics with my next letter, which I promise has a lot more details. Recent pictures of , me, dad, my best friends and my wonderful BF of three years.

I love you Shaunda. I can’t wait to develop a relationship and know you more.

All my hugs,


I cried. Yep, a big sappy cry of total happiness. I have a real blood related sister who wants to be real sisters. I’m a bit overwhelmed and looking so forward to spending a large portion of my day writing her back!

I have a sister!


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