The Owner

On May 28, Facebook “Share A Memory” feature reminded me that it was exactly one year ago I arrived in this park. I’ve shared bits ‘n’pieces about my landlord before. I’m reminded today how truly lucky I was to land here and meet Mike.

We arrived with backpacks and a tent. Tired from such a crazy journey, compounded by reprieves in places that brought angst. We were looking for a place to rest and figure out where we were going from here.

The owner happened to be in the park (he isn’t always) and offered us a nice camping spot. He gave us a key to his cabin so we could shower. He didn’t ask for a dime. It was a few days before the 1st so he told us just to hang on and we’ll worry about it after. Just be comfortable and rest.

Two days later he pulled up with an older (like 1979) motor home. It was functional and he thought it might be easier for us than a tent so he offered to put it in a spot and we could just pay the pad rent on it. Like tenting for a month but with a shower and electricity. That’s how we decided to stay.

What a remarkable human being! He had permits to build up to 60 spaces in the campground but kept it to 30 so he could preserve most of the natural environment. It allows for every person here to have space between neighbours and beautiful yards.

He built the raised bed garden area and fenced it for deer. I casually mentioned this past week, at a bonfire he had for the whole park,  that rabbits are getting in the garden and slugs are a battle. So this week he is rabbit proofing and bringing in mulch to put around the beds. We can salt the mulch and totally prevent slugs. With the added bonus of it looking nicer and no mowing. But the point? HE makes it all happen.

He provides a guest Winnebago for anyone who has someone visit the park. Free of charge. But when my girlfriend came to visit from Winnipeg for Christmas? He gave her his cabin for the week.

cabin 2

He regularly throws park meet n greets so everyone knows each other. He pays for all the beverages and most of the food. More recently it’s been a bit potluck but he really provides most of it.

He forgave me for making a big ugly display in his park. He allowed me to stay here. He sold me the trailer I was renting (at a ridiculously low price) so I would feel like I have a sense of security in my housing.

There are people in the park who, at times, are down on their luck and Mike will let them work off part of their rent No matter what kind of a problem you have? You can approach him and he will help you. He is patient and understanding. He handles concerns with discretion and diplomacy. I’ve never heard him say an unkind word about another person, even when you can see he might like to.

All that is firsthand knowledge. If you include hearsay? He’s won awards for his kindness and generosity in the community. I’ve met people who hear where I live and instantly they know who the owner is and that he is a fantastic person. I obviously appreciate his kindness to me but I also see his kindness to everyone. He is beyond generous to everyone around him.

Yes. I am very thankful to live where I have such an amazing person as my landlord!






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