Gay Pride

June is the traditional Pride month for all gays worldwide.Today is the Pride Day in Winnipeg. My hometown. Where I lived my first gay prides.

Here is my shout out to PRIDE!

Winnipeg is where I was raised. It’s where I was taught everything about me is evil.

The bar where I live has all kinds of calendars, from other establishments and whatever, hanging all over. It’s a redneck biker bar so those calendars are a lesbians dream.

It’s Pride Month so I made the comment i should bring my Picky N Gloria calendar to put in the ladies room for June. That didn’t go over so great.

But TWO men cornered me outside as I was leaving. To tell me of people they know in the community. One has a son who is gay. The other has a stepchild who is trans and going from Elizabeth ‘Beth’ to Eli!

I’m proud my casual commentary helped two men share with me they don’t know exactly how to be supportive but are glad people out there are! THAT is what Gay Pride used to be about. Overcoming stereotypes and adversity.

Today, I am proud!


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