No More Sitting

Okay, I’ve been sitting and dwelling on things that aren’t healthy, doing nothing but being morose on my couch, for about three weeks now. There have been brief moments of motivation but mostly I am drawn back to the couch and just sitting. Enough is enough!

Today I made some conscious decisions that will help!

I cancelled my Netflix. Just for one month until I am not using it as a crutch. If I really want to see something I can find almost anything on YouTube. But I’m less inclined to do that. I know this about myself. I use YouTube as a music device, mostly. My playlists are there and they are what I have chosen for my entertainment.

I’ve decided to go with less help in my yard and start doing it myself. It will be a challenge at first because I am OUT OF SHAPE! But I was very out of shape when I left Winnipeg for Alberta. And I spent months clearing trails in the bush by hand!


I’m capable of doing my yardwork. I’ve been using my health as an excuse. And to a degree it is. But not the degree I can’t do things, just that I need to take it at a very slow pace. All I have is time. I can take all the breaks I need. I also have help for things I need help with!

So starting this afternoon? I am borrowing the necessary tools to start clearing my own yard! I want to hang my hammock this week and the area needs to be cleared. I also want to clear  the area I am planning to put my potted, shade hardy plants.

Getting rid of Netflix as encouragement to get off the couch was smart. I put my music on and danced to it for the first time in a while. The sunshine is calling and I think I’m back on the path to healthier choices.


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