Learning My Trailer

I found motivation the other day! It snuck on me slowly over the course of a week. Some of it was forced.Some of if it was out of boredom. Then it flowed because it was about my home.

First, I really know nothing about owning an RV. Every new issue is a new challenge. I kept that in mind when I decided to buy it, but sometimes those new exciting challenges come when you least expect and can’t afford.

My toilet had a plugged up issue. I’m super careful about what I put down it. I’m not that naive about my living situation. I also empty the septic regularly. So the plug was a surprise. I sought some advice and was told if I filled my grey water tank (which normally runs straight into where my septic drains) then drain the black and grey at the same time? The suction should help pull anything in my black water tank loose and drain it. Sounded reasonable to me.

I closed my grey tank and ran my kitchen tap to fill it. I decided to walk up and check my garden in the meantime (I was told filling it would take a couple hours).  When I returned in 45 minutes? My tub was overflowing. I shut off the kitchen tap but when I went to find the pliers so I could open the grey tank (it’s handle is broken, thus why it remains open)? I had neglected to remember my ex had them. He told me he would bring them but, well, that’s my memory.

Regardless, tub overflowing, I rushed around to find a neighbour with pliers. None to be found, I got creative and used the end of my hammer like I was pulling a nail. It worked. I pulled the black tank at the same time. I used something to give it a poke at the same time as flushing and voila! Plug resolved and tub drained.

Holy hell! That was a lot of forced everything for me. Learning about how to deal with a plug. Interactions with neighbours to ask for a favour (even though no one could help). Eventually finding my own solution and resolving it!

So with that under my belt I had my next bought of forced motivation by having to finally clean my disgusting bathroom floor I have been avoiding forever. Overflow had to go!

Being that close to my toilet prompted it getting cleaned as well. Tub? Overflowing from the sewer? Yea, that got cleaned before I’d be able to set foot in it again.

All of that? Inspired me to keep going a bit. So I did some major cleaning in my trailer! There was a smell in one closet I could never place and the floor just looked awful (I just kept anything off it except a little tool box). I sucked it up and went in.

I was smart enough to figure out the source of the problem. There is a box in the closet that surrounds where the propane goes outside. The cold moisture in the winter makes condensation build up and mildew builds up and it smelled. funky.

Additionally, something in the little tool box drained out on the floor. I took the tool box out and cleaned the floor. Sprayed it with bleach and water. Wiped it and sprayed it again lightly before letting it dry in the air while keeping Sami out!

Long term solution? I need to insulate that small part around the box. There is no moisture getting in anywhere else.

So, two small issues. But I learned things about an RV and how to deal with those issues. They were forced learning when I didn’t want it ,but in the end, my home is a better place and I am more knowledgeable!


2 thoughts on “Learning My Trailer

    1. Thank you! I was so confused an upset while it was happening because I had NO help! But it looked kinda like a nail head so I though, “let’s try”!

      I appreciate the kind reply 🙂


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