The Therapist

My new doctor hooked me up immediately with the local mental health practitioner. I’m so grateful.

I get the vibe she isn’t meant to be a long term counselor. She travels up from another town to help people closer to my area. She recommends many of the programs and things available I should take advantage of. They are even further than getting to her but I am making a true effort to take her advice.

In the meantime? She has met with me more than once. She encouraged me by saying I am making more progress than I am giving myself credit for. And she told me to make another appointment.

Toby reminds me of my favorite counselor back in Winnipeg. I have difficulty connecting enough to be truly open but Toby makes me comfortable. I didn’t quite accomplish the things she asked me to attempt, but I made a real effort. Today I am checking out the programs she told me about.

I was anxious about returning to a session without completing tasks. But she made me feel like I had other realizations and accomplishments that were equally worthy. She set me on the path to keep trying. I told her about my current situations that were causing stress or anxiety, and how I am coping. She gave me a sense that I am on the right path.

She gave me her email address (which isn’t on her usual business card) and told me I can connect with her there any time because phone calls are difficult for me.

I haven’t had ‘counselor’ care in so long. This feels like such relief. Even when she has to move me on to someone permanent? I trust her to help me find someone who can really help me.



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