Such a Lil’ Cat!

big kitty

It’s amazing how quickly they go from tiny kitten to little cat.

Sami waving

Little Sami has a personality all her own. She’s content to play alone with her toys but also loves to wrestle if you’ll give her your hand. She never bites or scratches too hard and she is very good when she gets her claws clipped. She loves to help me play my online game.

Sami gamin

She is too big to be in the purse now but she seems to love her collar. She even brought it over when it fell off so I could put it back on. I think when I harness train her so she can go outside with me? She’ll get into that pretty quick. She loves outdoors.

She loves her cuddles. She loves affection. Every time she wakes up from a nap she comes to get her kisses. In the middle of playing with her? Simply saying, “Sami, kisses” will have her crawling up to your face, one paw gently on each cheek, to lick your chin and lips and nose.

Kitten therapy has turned into little cat therapy! She is growing up to be such a sweet natured and playful cat. I love having her in my life.


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