Missing My Spirituality

The last time I did any kind of new moon or healing rituals was in May. Depression left me unmotivated. Anxiety has kept me fairly housebound for a while. And I’ve been skipping out on a large portion of my healing process. I mean, I missed June Solstice altogether because of my own lack of ambition.

July new moon has past. But I’m planning to do something for the full moon. At the moment I am unclear about what, exactly, but I know the place.

the bridge

This is the bridge to a small spot at the back of the campground. I am second from the end so it is literally seconds from my trailer. I know it is not MINE specifically. But the owner made a point of showing it to me and letting me know I can use it any time.

Unbeknownst to me, but I heard about it after, someone let other people who live here know that I have a permanent reservation for privacy at that spot on new moons and full moons for spiritual reasons.

It’s still a work in progress but I know this is where I will be doing something special under the July full moon!


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