My Bed

I haven’t been sleeping in my bed since the break-up. Every time I look at it I’m reminded that it was OUR bed. Also, I need noise to sleep these days and my computer is by the couch.

But I need to sleep in my bed because my back is starting to kill me. So I took action!

flirt window

I made my bedroom space my own. I girlied it up with pink on the window coverings. Someone gave me a small rug that I had no room for on my floor so I put it up over a window. I got myself an additional sleeping pillow and a friend picked up a fluffy pink throw cushion for me so I have lots of things to cuddle up to. I also picked up a fuzzy pink throw blanket so it looks pink everywhere! It’s definitely MY space now.

pink bed

Another friend had a radio/CD player they picked up at a garage sale and they gave it to me so I have music back in the bedroom area. I moved my books back there so I can read in bed!


I feel like I leaped a giant hurdle because I slept in my bed for the first time last night! I had a little bit to drink before I went to bed so that made it easier. It wasn’t the best sleep but I had music throughout the night to help. And my back hurts less this morning. I’m moving back to my bed! It feels okay now.



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