How do you respond to a lie when the person you are talking to genuinely believes it is truth? And when they use their version of the truth to bully you? What do you do?

I was recently accosted verbally because the person attacking thought they saw my EX in the park. He is not allowed. They told other people he was leaving my place and they saw him.

First? I wasn’t home when they said that happened. No one was leaving my place to my knowledge

Second? Just to check and make sure he wasn’t here without my knowledge, I checked with my ex about it. He was busy making a report with the RCMP at the time about an assault on him the night before. He wasn’t here. There is RCMP video evidence of that.

The people involved genuinely believe they saw him here and they have verbally attacked me in public because they believe lies. They told me I am not welcome where I live. They have exacerbated my health issues with the stress they are causing me.  I feel like I am being bullied!

So how do I respond?


I am so unclear. One part of me wants to run to another place. I have researched my options and I have places I could go. But I love where I live and other places don’t compare.

The other part of me wants to work it out. But I’ve tried that before.  One of the people involved apologized to me and told me he wouldn’t talk about me or my ex again because he wanted this over. I found out he was still making up his stories and talking about me behind my back, as recent as two days ago, so I confronted him.

He never acknowledged anything he said. He only told me I attacked a person he cared about by saying she attacked and bullied me. He let me know that standing up for myself around him means nothing. He suggested I should leave.

What a wimp. He can’t tell another tenant that it is inappropriate to speak to me that way? He knows HIS lies started this all but he can’t defend my reaction? NOPE.

This only makes me want to fight to stay. I want to walk past their trailers every day with my head held high.  I know they are lying. I know I am not doing anything wrong.

Bring on the bullying. Bring on the slut-shaming. Bring on your lies that I have physical evidence to counter. Be the ignorant assholes that TRY to make me feel insignificant.


I love where I live. I’m gonna fight this, to stay here. I love my home and I won’t let bullies make me feel like I am not welcome!




5 thoughts on “Bullies

  1. You have done nothing wrong, so stick to your guns and don’t back down. Common sense will prevale and this mess will straighten itself out. In the mean time, try and hang in there and remain strong. I feel bad for you as this sort of thing is the last thing you need to be happening in your life. This really sucks!

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    1. Thank you! I rally appreciate the support. It’s the kind words of people who just rad my story that help me be strong! I plan to try and stay 🙂 I LOVE where I live and want to be here.


  2. Just out of curiosity, is the owner of the park one of the people that are harassing you? If not, what does he have to say about what’s happening. I hope he is not one of the people wanting you to leave, as I thought he was a good guy.
    That’s your little piece of paradise there, so don’t leave.

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    1. The owner is a gem. However he lives off the property and isn’t always around to witness things. He has had my back 100% throughout my break-up and the ensuing gossip.

      I haven’t had a chance to speak with him since this most recent round of attacks but I will be bringing it up with him.

      Yes, this is my paradise. I don’t want to leave at all. I’m going to work on standing up for myself and finding a way to peacefully remain in my home.


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