My Ex’s Thoughts

Scoping out Facebook, I found this a while ago on my ex’s page.. It’s taken a while to share it but I want other people to know there is another perspective to my break-up.

So many things I need to apologize to Shaunda for. She really isn’t all that bad of a person or wife.

She does have mental health and physical health issues. But don’t we all!?

I can’t hold that against her. So many things she does for me without question. No matter how angry she is with me. She still holds up her end.

In my hurt and resentment, I’ve portrayed her as the evil one. But I am just as guilty of being evil to her. In fact, I cause so much of her distress I should be ashamed of myself.

The things she did that hurt me were not her, it was her illnesses and my reactions to it.

I triggered every single thing that caused her to treat me poorly. Even then she always loved me through it. Just as I do love her.

There must be a way to deal with each other’s issues without creating so much animosity. She is too special and was there for me through a really hard time I had. I should stick with her through this hard time of hers.

To ditch her just so I feel better is callous and weak. Selfish and dumb.

We can have a long life together if we work at it.

I just don’t want to ignore my part in all this. Those of you who know us know we have been through hell pretty much our entire relationship. It feels like we have never really settled down. We’ve been under constant scrutiny and extreme stress.

If there is a chance. I want it to be available. And not close that door.

We are still apart. Thinking about a life with anyone right now is hard. I’m content with the friends I have.

We’ll see about the future. But his thoughts, not meant to be seen by me? Are touching!



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