I had a really terrific talk with the owner of the park about my bullying situation. I explained it from the understanding they believe I am breaking a park rule and have brought harm to their friend.

I told him I’m not breaking rules and gave my evidence to him. He’s aware of the other part of it already. Then I explained how they are using their opinions to slander me and publicly attack or shame me.

He reassured me I am wanted here. He was genuinely concerned I was uncomfortable where I live. He’s going to talk to the instigators about it and if I ever have an experience like it again I am supposed to call him immediately so he can deal with it as it is happening.  Our conversation ended with a big hug.

I felt a lot of personal comfort after our conversation. My anxiety about leaving my personal space has waned. I decided to try and bring some of that comfort about the situation to the park. I know it’s still not good to approach the people involved so I made it a spiritual endeavor.

comfort rune

I started by collecting rocks from around the park, in front of trailers of people I’d had the interactions with and from the peaceful place I was doing my ritual. I thought about peace as I collected them. Then I took things from my home that each person had given me previously and something important to me from my home. I used the stones to create the rune symbol for comfort and put the items in the centre. I lit candles around it for cleansing. And I sat there with thoughtful intention and wished for comfort where I live. I toasted it with wine and poured some out on the circle to include my neighbours.

It was a short, sweet ceremony but I feel a lot of internal comfort after. I know I can be friendly and happy without worry. I don’t need acceptance from anyone who would judge me but I do want to live peacefully and comfortably in the community I’ve chosen to call my home right now.



3 thoughts on “Comfort

    1. Yes, I am! Thank you for checking in on me. I appreciate friends and readers who care enough to help me come out hiding to at least respond when I’m not writing.


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