The First Time


I was recently asked by a reader if I would write a blog about sex. I had difficulty deciding what to share. However, one of my favourite sex stories is of the first time with my ex. So, I asked for permission to share it.

He and I were friends for several years before sex. We met on  Facebook. We remained friends through a lot of different things but we were always in a relationship or too busy with personal things to be more than friends to each other.

At Christmas time of 2012 I split up with my fiance. I knew ‘Mojo’ was headed to another province and I knew we had attraction. So, I hit on him. He came to see me for something else and I bluntly told him I wanted to jump him before he left the province. He told me he’d consider it.

As much as my ego was dashed? I took that as a challenge. The cat was out of the bag as far as me wanting him. So every time I saw him? I asked him when he was going to fuck me. He always blushed and put me off.

One day I made arrangements to go to his place and make him dinner. Running late, I didn’t do up my hair all princess style (I used to wear wigs n stuff, very princess). And he commented on my hair.

Him: “Your hair looks really good tonight.”

Me: “Ah, I always pegged your for more of a wash n wear guy. How DO you like a girl’s hair?”

Him: “I like it best after about two hours of sex.”

Me: “So, do you wanna do my hair?”

After months of bugging and begging? He did my hair that night!

It was funny because he lived with a roommate that he wasn’t comfortable having an overnight guest with. I had a roommate who made me promise not to bring home random people. I had to call and ask for permission. My roommate knew OF him so she not only allowed him to come over but agreed to pick us up at his place (neither of us was driving). I felt like a teenager being driven home by mom. It was very strange.

Even more strange? Kissing your friend.

I had been so attracted for so long. What happens if you kiss and there is no spark? I was so nervous. Then he kissed me.

He has the most tantalizing kiss. His tongue does things I never imagined possible to get me going. And that was without leaving my lips.

Every man has a ‘trick’ or a thing they do that makes them memorable. His is Yoni massage. It’s a remarkable ‘trick’ to have in your bag. It caught me offguard. There was zero hesitation as he did things to me I’ve never even thought possible. I have the experience to know what is possible and he still blew my mind.

I knew immediately he was someone worth giving my sexual all for. He presented me with a rock hard cock. So I gave him one of the best BJs I’ve ever given and let him finish down my throat. He’d never been swallowed before. All it accomplished was making him harder for the next stage. We fucked all night. Both came back for more!

He’s my best lover. I’ve never had anything like him. Right from the first time he has given his all every time! And it’s ALL about me. Ladies…  can you imagine someone who’s only desire is to go down on you until you squirt? Oh yeah, that’s a real thing!!

It went beyond that first initial lusty interaction. He is still the best lover I have ever had. But it became more.

How about a man that gets hard watching you sweep the floor? A man who sniffs you every time you walk by even though you never wear perfume? One who rubs your feet even when you’ve worn sandals on a gravel road all day? A man who sees every dirty secret and loves you still? The one who makes you feel eternally sexy in your most unsexy moments? Sex from THAT man is the best sex you will ever have in your life!!





9 thoughts on “The First Time

    1. Google it!! But it’s a way to open your woman up. You use tongue and fingers and very gently and slowly you massage her vagina open until you could pretty much do anything you want with it. It’s the most vulnerable position I’ve ever been in. But so gentle and loving…. But, open. Like wide. My cunt’s never been so accepting.


  1. My god, you should write erotic stories. Very graffic description Shaunda! I’ll be having fantasies about doing that to you for a while after reading that. Geez!

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