Therapeutic Writing

Last time I saw Tobey we talked about my writing. I told her I blog and some of the things I blog about. I also told her I write letters. She asked me if they are letters I mail or if I just write them.

I DO mail the letters and notes I write. I want people in my life to know I think about them in a non-digital way. I write because it makes me happy to think about them getting something in their mailbox besides bills or junk mail. I think about every person as I write to them and send my thoughts and loving energy with each word.

And I blog for me. Mostly. I know there are a few people in my life that are using my blog as a way to get to know me. My parents, I think. My sister for sure!

But what about that kind of therapeutic writing a person does that is just for them? I haven’t done that in a long time. Kept a private journal. However, I recently did some therapeutic writing.

I wrote letters to some people who I was holding anger against. I told them exactly why I was angry and how they are hurting me and why even though they don’t deserve my forgiveness? I’m letting it go. I’m done with feeling badly towards anyone.

I won’t be sending those letters. I wrote them for me. It felt good to say exactly what I thought as if I was going to say it to their face. And it felt good to let go of the bitterness that I was holding on to.

I plan to burn those letters, and the feelings of anger along with them, next time I sit under the new moon. It’s time to let go.


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