Harness Trained

sami leash

My kitten-cat is getting so big and she is growing into such a purrfect, sweet cat!

When I first got her I carried her in a make-up bag with me everywhere. She was so tiny and I wanted her to be with me all the time. As she outgrew the bag I knew she would need to have another way to be outside.

I live in the forest so I worry about her darting into the trees and not being able to reach her. Also, I worry about predators. Not the bears and cougars, because I don’t leave her alone in a situation she would encounter them, however, eagles are a concern.

So I trained her to be on a harness and leash. And she loves them. When she want to go outside in the morning after her breakfast she climbs the screen door and meows. I ask her if she wants to go outside and she runs over to have her harness put on. I clip her to the leash and leave the door open so she can run in if something scares her.

She’s still very little so if dogs walk by or a large raven lands in the yard she bolts inside and under the bed. ADORABLE!

I love that Sami loves her harness and leash. I love that she can be outside with me while I do yardwork and I don’t need to worry about her running off. My amazing lil’ kitty!




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