Beet Soup

beet soup.JPG

Today, when I started to feel like I am not doing enough for my own I healing I chose to face that LIE by making Beet Soup.

How does making Beet Soup help me face untruth and recognize I AM moving forward?

Most of the ingredients came from my garden. So as I cut them or prepare them I am reminded they are the fruits of my labour. It reminds me I am not as “on my couch” as my mind tries to tell me I am. I made those vegetables grow, I harvested them and now I am preparing them. None of that was done from my couch!

Other ingredients came from other people’s gardens. The garlic was a gift from my ex, the onions from a neighbour, the carrots from a friend. But all grown with their energy and shared with their love. That reminds me I am still getting out of my shell. Despite my anxiety and my hibernation? I still engage with people and I create relationships where people care about me enough to share their gardens. It means I’m doing enough where I am at. I shouldn’t bash myself for not socializing. Obviously I AM doing enough. I have friends who share with me.

I made a choice to eat healthy! I made enough soup to eat some, freeze some and give some away. But it represents three to four meals that have the vitamins and nutrients my body really needs right now. I thought about that purposely as I made it. I know I put healing energy into it.

So? I made Beet Soup today. I feel very good about the things I am moving forward on in my life.

How I made it today?


From my garden?

  • Four small to medium potatoes chopped very small
  • Two LARGE beets peeled and grated
  • Two medium tomatoes chopped (put in all the seed and juices)

From others gardens?

  • One  HUGE carrot cut in quarters then diced.
  • One small onion diced
  • Half a bulb of purple (I think Russian) garlic chopped fine.
  • One handful of fresh chopped Parsley.


Put all the ingredients in a 2 quart slow cooker and add water until 3/4 full then one can of chicken stock (the small kind). BEFORE stirring cover the top with a layer of fresh ground seas salt and fresh ground three color pepper.  Turn it on HIGH and stir it every once in a while as you remember it and smell it. Turn it on low once the veggies are a bit soft. Keep it there until ready to serve it. It freezes well and also tastes even more delicious with cabbage!




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