Water Balloon Volleyball With Irene

Last night was the park’s Fall Meet N’ Greet! The park owner provides the booze and main course for everyone in the park. Others bring appies, salads and desserts, if they can (I took Caramel Pecan Cheesecake). It’s always a fun time!

I made a concentrated effort to participate in activities. I want to be seen as someone who takes part in their community. I ended up playing water balloon volleyball. Two people per towel, three towels per side, tossing and catching water balloons in their towels.

I lucked out by being hooked up with the most awesome woman here… Irene!

Irene is the kind of woman I always wanted to grow up to be. Mother, grandmother, wife, gardener, neighbour….  she’s one of those ‘keeps quiet’ but everyone should recognize her because holy heck is she an amazing woman!

Irene is strong. She is small (fun-sized) but I see her take control of two big dogs and they obey! She walks EVERY day. She takes the dogs or her granddaughter or all and walks kilometers every day. She washes the family vehicle two or three times a week. She gardens. She is planning the local park garage sale and taking care of all the detail s for everyone.

I truly admire her. She is the kind of woman that is inspirational! I love her spirit. I cherish her kindness. I see her quiet example of kindness to all.

And, damn, if that gal can’t play a mean game of water balloon volleyball! The two of us together had so much ‘snap’ to our towel toss. No one was keeping real score but I think Irene and I were the winners last night!



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