Goodbye, Richard

Richard and shaunda

Richard Wayne Warren Sr. was my biological father. I have fond memories of my earliest years when he was in my life. Even when I was a toddler he would take me into work with him. He was a proud daddy, I’m told by anyone who knew him back then. He left when I was quite young but somehow I always knew he loved me.

He was gone from my life for a very long time. I had long forgiven him when the first letter arrived. He wanted to apologize and repair our relationship.

We were writing letters. In the past three years I have received pictures, stories about my family, connecting with my sister and healing for Richard and I.

I found out today that he passed away. He’s been sick for a while and I knew I wouldn’t have much longer with our letters but I was really caught off guard by the news.

I’m going to miss his notes and pictures. I’m going to treasure the gifts he gave me. Like a connection with my family. And his favorite gardening book that he wrote notes in for me and sent me with seeds from his organic farm. His beets and beans and carrots are what I have in my garden.

Rest In Peace Richard Warren! I loved you and I wish I knew you longer ❤



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