Visiting A Friend

It was a couple of months ago, at one of the park parties, I challenged myself to meet some new people. It’s a difficult challenge with my social anxiety but I did meet someone (A Goal Met ) who is becoming someone I consider an important and special friend in my life.

He doesn’t actually live in the park, his mother does. He’s had the opportunity to visit her several times over the course of the summer. Each time he has been here we’ve had the chance to visit once or twice.

He’s been a refreshing friend! I always make sure to ask about how his summer is going, and his girlfriend, etc. He asks a lot about my personal journey and sooner or later the talk has turned to everything from paganism to addictions. Our discussions have been so open but without any judgement. We’ve only seen each other every couple of months but every conversation picks up right where it left off.

It was such a nice surprise today when the knock at my door was him. We visited for a little over an hour before he had to run off. Talking with him is like therapy. It was comforting to tell him about all the things going on in my life in the past couple months. It was a nice distraction from the news last night of my dad’s passing.

He leaves in two days and will be gone a much longer time this time.  It’s too bad. But I know I’m already looking forward to the next visit with my new friend.



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