Hanging Out With Jeff

I met Jeff about a year ago at one of the park parties. He was a guest of someone in the park. He remembers being at the party, but not me. His first memory of me was the next party (the Spring Fling). I was walking up the roadway in my tan dress with Ham N Asparagus Rolls in my hand .

Dreamy, eh?

Before we ever started ‘hanging out’ I heard through other people in the park that Jeff had a trailer to sell. A motorhome. I wanted my ex to have something other than a tent. So Jeff and I wheeled n dealed on it .

It had been stored a long time and was a bit run down to begin with! And old. And Jeff likes my smile. I made a really good deal with him! Very reasonable price with an extended payment plan that suits my income. A generous offer.

Since then?

Jeff used to work in collections. So he’s keeping close to me until I pay off the motorhome. Well, that’s the excuse. 😉 But we hang out as friends now and he is maybe the most kind person I have met in a long time.

My payment plan? $50/month for 6 months (yes, he sold me the motorhome for $300)

But! Big but. Jeff has taken me under his wing of friendship and kindness. For example? He buys a ton of groceries. I cook them up and package them into freezer meals. I take home a third. I tidy up, do laundry. He pays for wine and weed.

When I make my ‘motorhome payment’ each month? I give a bit extra. Because when it comes down to it? He is spending hundreds a month to collect that $50 payment!

Before anyone gets it in their head that this is anything more than a friendship? Or that there are other intentions?

I sleep on his couch when I am at his place. He’s always made it known his intentions are to ditch me by December. Once the motorhome is paid. We talk ‘smack’ to each other all the time. I’m downright cunty to him sometimes and he takes it.

It’s this odd kind of friendship I never expected.

He wants nothing to do with love or relationships. He sees I’m hung up on my ex and has already told me I am too much drama 🙂 I find it refreshing he sees that and respects it. I feel like I can be emotionally raw around him because he expects NOTHING of me.

Jeff is a very good friend to me right now. People come and go in life. But he’s a keeper friend! Gonna have to find a way to make him stick around after the motorhome is paid 😉





4 thoughts on “Hanging Out With Jeff

    1. The trailer I bought for my ex? It’s still where he was living.

      I think he will be back at some point. Where he had it parked was a community of people working together to make their land and life better. But some were in tents or sleeping in their cars parked on the land.

      Until Mojo goes back there? They’ve agreed to pack his personal belongings and store them. And someone else who needs a space, who will promise to keep it habitable, can stay in it.

      I bought it because Mojo was in a tent. He isn’t there. Someone else in a tent should use it!


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