His Journey

I heard from my ex and I have a much better idea of what is going on with him. What his choices are going to be.

Mojo and I both have demons. Family. Debt. Estranged friendships. We left a lot of it behind when we left our lives behind to go live in the forest.

Unfortunately, living in the forest came with it’s own demons. We came across toxic people, faced legal challenges and experienced betrayal by those who’d sworn to help.

We each chose to face those legal demons in our own way. While it wasn’t a race? My method had my part of our issues dealt with sooner. Same charges, but mine were dealt with and his were not!

I knew his would be so much longer and we couldn’t afford to live in that town any longer. I’d been trying for a year to have my medical coverage transferred to that province. I was without medical care and suffering badly. My income could not support us. I NEEDED to leave that godforsaken province and the terrible memories!

I gave him an ultimatum.  I was leaving. I wanted to sell everything we had of value, give away the rest and walk away. Literally. Use the money to get the best backpacking gear and WALK away.

He agreed.

Our six week plan? Between selling our stuff and doing our taxes? Our six week plan turned into three and we left.

That was a tough journey. It was three months from where we started to where we are at now. We started in March in north Alberta. Even walking south to BC we were cold in our tent. We ended up snowbound in the Golden Ears mountains at one point. He had all the emergency knowledge to keep us alive. There were times I couldn’t carry my pack even another step but it was kilometres to the next place to camp. He carried both 65 lb packs.

He gave up everything he owned and also his chance to stay and defend his honour. He carried me through the the challenges of my dream to walk away.

And now? Well, he’s gone back to face his demons. The things I made him walk away from are also the things that were holding us back from real reconciliation. His anger about family issues, the stuff that happened with us legally and his other demons? He left to go face them.

That legal stuff? He’s in good spirits tonight while he sits in jail like a champion. He’s facing some evasion charges because I made him ‘walk away’ before he was done with his stuff. But? I also already faced the rest of the charges (they were the same) with a a simple fine. He is back there to make things right and get everything behind us.

He and I will write. I will have his back through this. He’s making some tough choices.  He’s turning his back on a hope of getting back what he lost. He’s turning his back on his own beliefs by getting a lawyer. He’s doing things that are very rough because he wants it all behind him.

How can I do anything but stand by my best friend when he has made the choice to face the things holding him back from moving forward?





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