I Choose Shaunda!

My ex and I have been on and off again about reconciliation so much.  Each of our communities are against it for their own reasons. I understand the concern of our respective friends. They each love us, separately, while they watch us both love and hurt each other through OUR journey.

Interference like that? Whether it comes from my friends, enemies, family, his community or ANYONE else? Regardless if it comes from care, jealousy, anger or naivety about the truth of us?

I’m done with it!

I have all kinds of people in my life who would like to be my friend. Some have intentions that are more. Even my ex. How much of the decision to take care of his stuff’ is because he wants to put it behind us so he can be with me?

I’m feeling pressure from all kinds of people to ‘chose sides’ on various issues from family things to relationship things.

So I made  choice today!

I’m only finally coming out of a deep depression. Even facing the death of my dad, bullying adventures, up’s n down’s with my ex? I’m still coming out of this funk.

Now that I am am getting out? I don’t need pressure. Not from friends/family, not from my park community, not from the men who are helping me out  as friends, not from my ex.

So I choose Shaunda!! And right now? Shaunda is dancing. Anyone who wants can join me on my dance floor. But that’s where I am. If you have any kinda judgement? Get off my dance floor!


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