The Brothers

They are older. They are attractive. They are talked about among every single woman in the park!

Myself? I met the first brother when I moved here. The second brother moved in to the park a few months later. Equally attractive. Single. I told my ex (husband at the time), “Those brothers have it going on! If you die? I’m going for one of them.”

However? My anxiety makes it hard for me to approach people I would like to know or be friends with. All the women talked about ‘the brothers’. They seem so popular that my high school instincts kicked in so I only smiled and waved at them instead of talking.

It was one of the brothers that asked me about the garage sale stuff. Tonight when I went up to find out what he has and what I should price it at, etc? I finally had the chance to spend time with BOTH brothers.

What fun! We talked about where we came from (we each came from other provinces). We drank wine/beer. We had a fire. We talked about Finland and Sweden and heritage. I finally got to see Tuomo’s famous sauna (with a promise I can go back for the full experience).

They are so funny, friendly and kind. I feel a smidge of regret for not getting to know them sooner. Why? Because they asked me tonight why I’ve never said more than three words to them.

I was comfortable by that point. I explained ~ I have social anxiety, and even though I am friendly in a reactive way? I don’t approach people. I told them I’ve secretly wanted to know them for a while but didn’t know how to talk to them.

So now I have more friends in the park! The brothers, while they found my intimidation about them amusing, have made me feel comfortable with them. They told me I can come knock on their doors at any time. They made me feel cared for. They’re a lot of fun!

I’m looking forward to spending more time with these great gentlemen!



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