The Garage Sale

There are many opportunities to participate in the little community I live in. This weekend’s opportunity is a garage sale.

I have very little to sell so I didn’t plan on going to the trouble of setting up a table but, as I was walking up the road the other day, another neighbour stopped and asked if I was putting anything in the sale.

I told him no, but, if he needed help I’d be willing to help him out so he doesn’t need to sit there all day. He smiled and told me he has things to get rid of but ‘he would rather just let me have the money for all of it if I was interested in doing it’.


He’s lived here as long as I have lived here but we’ve barely spoken two words to each other the entire time. We’re friendly though. I’ve enjoyed any conversations we’ve both been involved in at park events. He’s definitely a respected community member. More than I am (ha ha).

I’m not sure why he chose to approach me with this opportunity.  I just know I’m very grateful for his kindness and generosity.

Tonight around dinner time I’m headed up to my neighbours to go over his garage sale items and price them. Tomorrow I’ll spend the day smiling and exchanging pleasantries with strangers. That’s not my favorite thing, because of my social anxiety, but I can do my part to make this happen, eh?

It’s kind of reminding me of family today. We had a garage sale, sometimes two, every summer. And it’s a warming, comforting feeling to be doing this tomorrow.

I want to have my coffee in the cold part of the morning meeting the eager customers who show up while you set up, talk people up as I haggle with them and flirt with the single guys looking at the tools. I’m helping a neighbour get rid of things as he helps me with some cash flow.

It should be a good thing all around!




2 thoughts on “The Garage Sale

  1. I really enjoyed reading this post. Well done for having the courage to take part in something like this when you have social anxiety. I can completely understand how you will be feeling about it. I hope it goes well. I am following you so that I can keep up with you. Let us all know how it goes!

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