That Was Quick


The universe graces me in so many ways! Today’s garage sale was an example of exactly that.

There were a few people with tables. Mine was the smallest. And there was a lot of people who came by early in the day that grabbed up my few big ticket items. And I was done by noon.

I feel grateful I didn’t have to stay the duration. My anxiety was up because of an early morning phone call. Talking to the few strangers I did? Anxiety spike, again. The things I had to sell went early and so could I! 🙂

But wait. It gets better.

The most difficult thing about a community garage sale is not buying your neighbours sale items. I can usually refrain because I am poor. But today?

I’ve been thinking about an electric kettle because my stove is propane. A kind old lady rolled up on her scooter and dropped off an electric kettle on my table. She’s not from the park. I have no idea who she is and I never spoke a word except ‘thanks’ to her. She never bought anything off me even though she bought off others. She just put an electric kettle on my table and rolled away.  Seriously.

The things I sold? They brought in 5% of my monthly income. Sounds small but it’s a lot to me and goes a long way. The person I was selling for doesn’t want a dime. He just smiled when I said thank you repeatedly.

Lastly? Another neighbour brought up a beautiful rocking chair. He dropped it off and said he didn’t need anything so we could ask whatever price at all. I looked at him and asked if it was okay if I wanted to buy it and what did he want? He said nothing. I told him I couldn’t TAKE it so, on my insistence, I paid $5 and a hug for my new chair.

When I woke up today, I really wanted to back out of the garage sale. I think making the choice to follow through brought some karmic goodness to my day.


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