I’m Gonna Join A Drawing Club

I draw. My pictures are lame and often look like they were drawn by a ten year old. But I draw.

There is a drawing club that meets at the pub I live behind. Not always, but they are thinking of making it a weekly event. Tonight? When I popped up to the pub to buy my bottle of wine? I was witness to the drawing club!

It was kind of comedic but fabulous at the same time. I was flabbergasted. It had been advertised as ‘Burlesque’ so I sorta expected corset style outfit with a feather boa and very sexy but covered.

Nope. It was slutty lingerie and spread eagle with lip showing. So hot! Believe me, the girl was gorgeous and I give her so much credit for posing that way in a biker bar with a bunch of drunk guys cat calling her.

The part that makes me laugh? It’s was all a group of 70+ women sitting there with their sketchpads. Staring at the girls everything and trying to get it in the most detail they could. And it struck me as so funny. Darkly funny. All these older ladies staring at that young things stuff.

And I don’t blame them. I think I’ll drop in to the next drawing night. My drawing may not be the greatest but the view sure is  😉


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